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Reader applications for windows

    Installing and using Adobe Digital Editions for Windows
    Installing and using Mobipocket Reader for Windows
    Installing and using Stanza for windows
    Installing and using eReader for windows

July 2009                Overview

There are many FREE ereader applications for Windows OS to use to read ebooks on a netbook, laptop or PC.  Here is a list of those I have on my laptop.

     Adobe Digital Edition

July 2009   Installing and using Adobe Digital Editions for Windows

Just saying – I don’t think a laptop or a PC makes a good reader for a book. It’s just too darn uncomfortable. But there is a free application so that you can see an ebook on a laptop or PC – so why not?.

Also, the library downloads to the laptop or PC only and the customer has to do the copying to a portable e-reader as a separate step so I need to go setup the PC in order to checkout e-books from the library.

To use my Laptop as an ebook reader, I’m going to follow the help my local library web site gives.

My laptop has the correct system requirements:

I have Windows XP with service pack 3 installed, Internet Explorer 7 with Javascript enabled.

It told me to install:
Adobe Flash Player 7 (or newer)
Adobe Digital Editions (latest) and use an Adobe ID when activating it.


I followed their directions with no problems.

It told me I had to create a free adobe account. So I did.

The Adobe ID is my email address and a password of my choice.

They have a small library of free chapters of a few books available so you can learn to use their reader.


When I clicked download Item: it automatically opened the program and loaded the file. If the program was already open, I would get a open/save prompt box. I found I had to answer “open” for the sample book to be downloaded and saved onto my laptop.

I started the Adobe Digital Editions reader on my laptop.

When I clicked “help” from the application, it opened its help page from my internet connection.


Screen shot after I downloaded 4 sample free chapters.

This is where on my laptop the sample chapters of free books was stored. C:\Documents and Settings\xxxx\My Documents\My Digital Editions\

On my laptop – you can see this application will display both EPUB files and PFD files.

t’s odd, I deleted the duplicate file I had accidently downloaded from the “/My Digital Editions” directory on my laptop hard-drive, but the duplicate was still displaying as part of the default library on the Adobe Digital Editions screen – even after restart.

I couldn’t see how to delete the books – then I finally found the drop down menu in the list view of the appliation. Clicking the “delete” on that drop-down deleted the displayed duplication.

There are actually many different viewing configurations you can use to read..

July 2009   Installing and using Mobipocket Reader for Windows

The Mobipocket Reader is a universal eBook Reader for Windows® computers (desktop/laptop/tablet) .
The Desktop Mobipocket Reader also has companion software that is used to read ebooks on small handheld devices such as Smartphones and PDAs.

Click install free from the Mobipocket website.. Mobipocket Reader 6.2


I followed their directions with no problems.

I clicked on the Mobipocket Reader icon on my laptop to start the application.     

I downloaded a free mobipocket ebook from the mobipocket website.

This is where on my laptop the free book is stored.

       C:\Documents and Settings\xxxx\My Documents\My eBooks\



This application can be used to:
1. Read an ebook
2. read newspapers and magazines that you have subscribed to.
3. Search a dictionary
4. Clicking eBook Store takes you to the online website of the last
5. After you click eBook Store, an icon "Change Bookstore" will appear at the top of the Mobipocket window.
    Click that icon to see a list of online stores that sell ebooks in mobipocket format.
6. Click eNews Store to see a list of newspapers and magazines you can subscribe to and read using
7. Online Account brings up a window so you can log onto Mobpocket.com.
8. Reading Devices - this is how you connect the Mobipocket Desktop application with a handheld device
    also running Mobipocket.


July 2009  Installing and using Stanza for windows

Stanza is an eReader application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. 
It has a free Desktop application that you can use to read on a laptop, netbook or PC.
The Stanza Desktop application can read many Ebook formats.

I installed the free Windows desktop version from the website and installed it.

File - the usual stuff
View - change text size and change colors
Go - jump around in the book
Tools - enable download to a mobile device
Window - sizing

(Note: The Mac OS version of this ereader application is much nicer.)

But this application's claim to fame is that it can do ereader format conversion on non-secured ebooks.
(But I have been less than successful with it.)


July 2009   Installing and using eReader for Windows

One of the original Palm OS applications, eReader is a ebook reader application that is used to read "eReader" ebooks (.pdb) on a Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows, Symbian, Windows Mobile Smartphone or Mac. Without the eReader application, you cannot read books from eReader.com. eReader.com eBooks are encrypted to protect the authors' work.

The eReader.com website has all you need to know about how to install and use this application.


On my old Handspring Visor I use a reader application called PalmReader.
I wanted to put a newer application on my Palm TX.
I decided to use the free application eReader for Palm OS.
eReader has free applications for both the Windows OS and Palm OS.

Trouble creating an eReader.com account
The eReader application for my windows laptop that I downloaded from the eReader website didn’t come with a free eBook.   So after I opened the eReader application I clicked on “Get Books”.

That took me to the eReader.com website.
At the top of the screen it mentions that it’s a “Barnes & Noble Company”.
At the bottom of the screen it states that it is ”Copyright Fictionwise LLC”.  Just saying.

So I clicked on the “new to eReader” icon and was sent to a webpage of about 20 free eBooks to choose from.

I picked one of the free eBooks by clicking on the “Add To Cart” which brought up a Sign In/Create New Account screen. 

So I attempted to create a new account – because I thought I needed one. 
But I got the message The Email Address you entered is already in use.”

So I tried to sign in using my email address and standard password. 
And I was told “There is no account associated with this email address.” 

Sigh! This is going to be a long day.


Contacting Ereader.com customer service

So I went to the customer support section of the website and sent the following message. 
I’ll let you know what happens. (I like this easy way to contact customer service.)

About 5 minutes after I submitted this I received a confirmation email also saying they will get to my ticket as soon as they can.

About 3 hours later I received an email from them fixing the problem.
Now that customer support fixed my customer account (which is my email address) with a working password – I try again.


Customer service fixed my problem quickly!

 I open my laptop’s eReader application and click “Get Books”. I click to get a free book.

I proceed to checkout as usual.  My cost is $0.  But I am “buying” a secured book.  It’s unlock is my email account and a credit card number. (That’s just the way it is.)  So I go to “my account” and add a primary credit card number.

And this is what they say about that:

Note: It’s a little confusing – the confirmation that I submitted a support ticket came from eReader.com , the “we fixed it” email was from fictionwise.com and the email confirmation that I had “bought” a book came from eReader.com.  Just saying.

So, back at the open eReader application on my laptop I again click “Get Books”. I am again at eReader.com home page.  I click “Bookshelf” along top of screen and I can see the books that I’ve have bought from eReader.com. Actually I see a list of ebooks! 


eReader.com has my old peanutpress.com account information !!!

And guess what?  eReader.com must have been peanutpress.com in a previous lifetime.
Because there on my bookshelf are the old visor/palm books I bought in 2001.  Wow. 
That must have been the email address account problem I had this morning.  
Check the Date column. I didn’t know this when I bought those books. 
I only have a backup copy of 2 of those books. I lost them 3 computers ago.  Wow. 

I’m feeling better about this ebook stuff already.

So I Press download to download the free “4th Wish” ebook and tell it where on my laptop what directory to put it into.

Then I click the File / Add books menu item to read the downloaded ebook into the eReader application on my laptop.

I double click the title and the ebook appears in the eReader window itself.

So, now I wonder if I can get those “old” books downloaded in different formats? 

[Note: The short answer to that is NO. Those ebooks are in a secured Palm format. 
I can get a fresh copy of what I previously bought.
I bought them originally for my Handspring Visor and now I can read them on my laptop or Palm TX.]